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Funny cat videos are viral. Nowadays people are almost addicted to them. If you are on any social website you will find your friends forwarding and sharing links to them on a regular basis. Many of these videos are silly and weird but people just can’t resist watching those cute animals.One of the most popular sources of such videos is Youtube. If you visit the site, you can see plenty of funny cat videos having well over one million views. Another great source is Google videos. Just search for ‘Funny cat videos’ and you should get hundreds of results – All sorts of cats in different funny situations! You can also find good videos on sites like, and your own cat video can be fun but it is not that easy. Some of the videos that you see have been shot by accident. If you want to shoot your cat (with a camera, of course!) then you have to spend a great deal of time following the cat to see if it’s up to a prank and then record the incident. Keep your camera on all the time and you are sure to record at least one very funny incident within a week.If your cat has some odd or special talent then the task becomes easier. You just have to shoot her doing it. Make sure the video is not too long. People tend to avoid those as long videos get boring after a point in time. The clip should be short and funny. Even though no one expects professional video editing, you should try to edit out irrelevant and boring stuff from your video.Upload it to Youtube and share the link with your friends. If it is good enough, it should go viral. Your friends will forward it to their friends and this goes on. Someone might even forward the link to you completing the circle. I find it quite funny when it happens. I am like ‘Hey! That’s my video!’The lol cat is one of the most famous internet memes. It is not a video but since we are talking about cat humor, it is worth mentioning. If you search on Google you will find plenty of sites which allow you to create your own lol cat pictures.In today’s grim financial situation and stressed work life, funny videos provide a great dose of relief. So go ahead watch those videos and have a great time.

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