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Raising money for pet food so owners can keep their pets. This was our first concert and it was very successful. We will be putting this on every year. Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen.Good Music
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Sleeping With Pets Unhealthy?

Article by Muhammadumair

ALLOWING your dog or cat to sleep in your bed beside you can make you ill, a study has found. Scientists in California claimed that letting pets into the bed increase the chances of contracting the more than 100 diseases which are known to be transmitted from domestic pets to humans. Serious diseases which can be caught from animals include disease, which can cause life-threatening heart and digestive system disorders, and cat-scratch disease, which can also come from being licked by infected felines, and can cause lethal damage to the liver, kidney or spleen. Recently a nine-year old boy in America caught the plague because he slept with his flea-infested cat, according to the report published in the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention journal

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The Funniest Dog Costumes for Halloween – Your Pet News.mp4

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Funny Cat Videos Addiction

Article by lynn carrillo

Funny cat videos are viral. Nowadays people are almost addicted to them. If you are on any social website you will find your friends forwarding and sharing links to them on a regular basis. Many of these videos are silly and weird but people just can’t resist watching those cute animals.One of the most popular sources of such videos is Youtube. If you visit the site, you can see plenty of funny cat videos having well over one million views. Another great source is Google videos. Just search for ‘Funny cat videos’ and you should get hundreds of results – All sorts of cats in different funny situations! You can also find good videos on sites like, and your own cat video can be fun but it is not that easy. Some of the videos that you see have been shot by accident. If you want to shoot your cat (with a camera, of course!) then you have to spend a great deal of time following the cat to see if it’s up to a prank and then record the incident. Keep your camera on all the time and you are sure to record at least one very funny incident within a week.If your cat has some odd or special talent then the task becomes easier. You just have to shoot her doing it. Make sure the video is not too long. People tend to avoid those as long videos get boring after a point in time. The clip should be short and funny. Even though no one expects professional video editing, you should try to edit out irrelevant and boring stuff from your video.Upload it to Youtube and share the link with your friends. If it is good enough, it should go viral. Your friends will forward it to their friends and this goes on. Someone might even forward the link to you completing the circle. I find it quite funny when it happens. I am like ‘Hey! That’s my video!’The lol cat is one of the most famous internet memes. It is not a video but since we are talking about cat humor, it is worth mentioning. If you search on Google you will find plenty of sites which allow you to create your own lol cat pictures.In today’s grim financial situation and stressed work life, funny videos provide a great dose of relief. So go ahead watch those videos and have a great time.

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Funny Pet News #4- Royal Pain, Zorse, Love Motel for Dogs.mp4

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Funny Cat Videos Will Make You Snort

Article by Rex Tan

The internet presents plenty of entertainment and that is very true once you take a look at funny cat videos. They are going to get you rolling and several other of them it would be best to watch again and again again. Too often people understand cats as just lying around and doing nothing. So it is extremely magical for them to see these animals in action and doing some bizarre things.

A few of these videos have 1000’s of people who have checked out them and are so impressed with what they see that they’ve talked about these movies on various forms of social media including Twitter and FaceBook. With so many nice locations online to see videos these days you’ve gotten a large spectrum of them to find.

What can also be neat is that once you watch a funny cat video there will normally be linked to other videos. Then you possibly can proceed to view increasingly of them. You possibly can slender down your search too if you want to see cats doing specific things. Be sure you have a lot of time to spend watching them though as you’ll shortly develop into addicted to them.

You do not want to sit down to just watch one or two of these videos. As an alternative, you need to be able to have loads of time for them. Funny cat videos are one thing you may take pleasure in together with your co-staff and even the kids too. It may give you a new found appreciation for cats, their intelligence, and for the varied mishaps that they take part in from time to time.

When you’ve got a cat, get your video camera ready too. There will likely be occasions if you find yourself glad you have been in a position to seize what they did on film. It isn’t arduous to upload such movies or to edit them. Then you may share them with the entire world as a result of there isn’t any denying that cats are far more entertaining than most individuals give them credit for.

In the event you find funny cat videos that you actually enjoy, forward the link to other cat lovers out there. It can brighten up their day to see them and they’re going to fondly bear in mind that you’ve got despatched them. Once they see different humorous cat videos they’ll keep in mind to ahead them to you so that you just proceed to have the ability to see them.

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Wacky Pet News

Q: I’m sure in your 15 years of practice, you’ve seen some very unusual things. Could you tell us one that might stand out? Dr. Haskin: There’s lots of stories. We’re just talking about some good, some bad, some funny, some not. But probably the one that affects me very recently, I did have a large dog that come in here. He wasn’t feeling well. He had an upset stomach. We took an X-ray and the dog had ray of Christmas lights. So see these showed up in an X-ray. He’s just going along. He’s throwing up but he’s great. He feels great. No big deal. Nobody knew what the problem was. Probably, nobody saw those christmas lights for quite some time. And we did surgery on the dog. We removed the lights and he’s doing very, very well. He survived and he did great. That was probably one of those interesting events that’s just stand out to me these couple of months. Q: The amazing thing is, it’s almost inconceivable how he could swallow something. Dr. Haskin: Absolutely. They eat everything. I tell owners their socks, underwears, shoes. You name it, dogs will eat it. Just had a dog came in today whom owners said left the garbage and ate a whole bunch of pork chop bones. Luckily we took an X-ray we didn’t see any bones. The dog’s doing well. We’re treating him now as well. But it’s amazing, don’t trust. Like I said earlier, dogs eat for a living. They eat anything given the opportunity. Their sense of smell is so keen that they don’t smell things the way we smell things. They look


Q&A: Would like to find value of a Norman Rockwell print hand signed by Rockwell?

Question by stimpy36: Would like to find value of a Norman Rockwell print hand signed by Rockwell?
Print is his landscape “Christmas in Stockbridge” MA and measures 8″ x 28″. It’s just a print but my parents bought it signed by Rockwell in 1977 before his death .

Was given to my wife and I as a wedding present. Any value?

Best answer:

Answer by sonnenschein
I would say it has definite value! Rockwell was THE great American artist for a while. I would advise you to have it appraised by a professional, but of course I imagine its sentimental value is far higher.

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looking for funny animal videos on yahoo?

Question by Rose M: looking for funny animal videos on yahoo?
I am looking for the funny animal videos on yahoo. That’s it

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Answer by ρσρєγє

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